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  • How long does my mixer/syrup last?
    Once refridgerated mixers/syrups usually last up to 4 weeks. However I urge you to use common sense if you suspect your mixer/syrup has expired early.
  • How do I store my mixer/syrup?
    Please open your bottle immidiately to relieve any pressure in the bottle, remember ingriedients are fresh inside. Store mixer/ syrup in the refridgerator asap!
  • Does my mixer/syrup contain alcohol?
    Hell naw, you want me to go to jail? Some syrups are simmered in a very low amount of alcohol for flavor only.
  • How do I use my mixer/syrup?
    All mixers/syrups are designed for creating cocktails and cooking. Feel free to have fun and explore different ways to use the mixers, remember this is liquid art.
  • When do you ship?
    Please allow 5 days for processing and creation. All bottles are made to order to maintain freshness.
  • Are the t-shirts unisex?
    Hell yeah, these Tees are for everyone!
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